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Introduction of FB

Maximize efficiency at sea

FleetBroadband is the highest and up-to-date Inmarsat Satellite Service, offering diverse internet services, such as websurfing, real-time weather chart, e-mailing, to sea service personnel with the reasonable price.

FleetBroadband is based on 3G standard mobile communication and offering maritime communication service with 4th generation satellite so you can use satellite call and satellite internet connection at the same time.

01Key benefits

  • Invative and efficient rate cut
  • High speed data transmission (432kbps)
  • Using voice call and IP data at the same time
  • Communication device with high reliance
  • Flexible Service with multiple terminals and service
  • Easy to manage
  • Improvement welfare of ShipCrews
  • Global Coverage
  • Conversion to FB from Fleet

01Comparison of data communication speed

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