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Customer who is using FB or BGAN service by Thrane & Thrane products MUST upgrade S/W.


01Terminals that needs upgrade

  • FB Product : SAILOR FB150/250/500
  • BGAN Product : EXPLORER 727/325

02How to Upgrade

  • Access to homepage and download related firmware to proceed upgrade.
  • If the vessel which needs upgrade of S/W is not suitable with the schedule, please download this file and forward it to vessel.
  • If the vessel which needs upgrade of S/W is scheduled to enter Korea, you may proceed upgrade by yourself or you can sk support from Customer care.

03Upgrade Firmware V1.16

  • Support for Fax and 3.1kHz Audio on SAILOR 150
  • Restoration of an open PDP context on a UT power cycle
  • Support to ThraneLINK, a sophisticated communication protocol that connects the SAILOR products in a network
  • Support 3.1KHz Audio @ FAX service from Inmarsat FBB150
  • Improvement of Multi-Voice service and Antenna control from Terminal
  • Save PDP Context used under the use of FBB/BGAN Terminal
  • Terminal BUG fix
  • Support modification of self protocol to be able to access remotely from outside
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